Len & Kit's Missionary Adventures in California

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Zoning Out

Who would have dreamed the best corn on the cob of the year would be in mid October?!  Beautiful young corn – not chewy, sticky late corn.  We are definitely enjoying the fresh foods of Fresno!

We were glad for a week without travel to catch up on paperwork at the office and prepare for the big new experience of Zone Conferences.  Now we’ll be out of the office again for at least half of every day this week.

The missionaries submitted orders for more teaching materials, cleaning supplies and other items like small appliances, light bulbs, furnace filters, etc. a couple of weeks ago.  We have been out shopping a few times lately to fill all the orders.  On Tuesday, all the missionaries from the northern part of the mission will have training meetings and collect the things they ordered.  That means we package up each order and take it to the place where they will meet.  Same drill Wednesday for all the missionaries in greater Fresno, and Thursday to the southern part of the mission. 

Tomorrow we will go apartment hunting an hour away in Merced CA, and on Friday we have a move within Fresno.  This is the first batch of apartments I have had to find on my own.  So far, so good.  I can tell you, I definitely “pray over my flocks and fields!”  One town is really difficult, but at least the missionaries for that area already have a place of their own.  They just have a commute that wastes their time and gas.

Yesterday (Saturday) morning we went to the Fresno temple.  It is within fifteen minutes of our place.  Luckily, someone had reminded us that here one must make an appointment first.  It’s a lovely small temple, reminiscent of the one in St. Paul in some respects.  We were glad to be there. Like smaller homes, smaller temples can have a “cozy” feeling.

In Sunday School last week, the teacher gave everyone the opportunity to tell about an experience they’d had with the Holy Ghost.  The bishop told about a time when he was young and planning to marry, but he and his fiancée argued continually.  One day while they were arguing the thought suddenly and forcefully came to him that they should not be planning to marry.  He broke it off right away and always felt that was exactly the right thing for both of them.  Later, when he learned what the Holy Spirit was, he finally understood where that idea had come from.

His wife Gail told about when she had gone through losing her hearing.  It was a prolonged process.  Twice she heard a real voice counsel her.  The first time it said, ”You have to be patient.” After one effort to treat her problem began, she heard the voice tell her that the treatment was not the solution, but that it would come.  Two years later the technology for cochlear implants was sufficient for her to have one and she has been able to function well ever since.  She believes the voice she heard to be the Holy Spirit.