Len & Kit's Missionary Adventures in California

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fast Pace, Faith and Foliage

Charming neighborhood on our commute

Zone Conferences were carried off successfully – much scrambling!  For the last one, Len and Brother Bradshaw went while Kit manned the mission office.  Sister Bradshaw has continued to have health issues so was home in bed on Thursday and was hospitalized that night.  Len went and helped some Elders move to a different apartment on Friday morning while Kit again held down the fort at the office.  There were lots of people in and out that day since it is when the zone leaders pick up mail each week. One package was a frozen salmon!   A few challenging phone calls:  “How can I get someone to give my relative a blessing? She lives on the road to the dam.”???  We were glad for Saturday when we could slow down.

Last night we went to the baptism of a mother and daughter we know from our Sunday School class, who have been investigating the church.  The daughter lived in the Deep South for some years.  When her widowed mother Dolores had some health problems, Marian moved  back to Fresno to live with her and help her.  Marian had found out some things about the church online before moving home.  She invited her mom to learn about it with her and now they are members.  It will make their lives quite different from what they would otherwise have been and they are very happy for the changes and the shared new beginning.

The ward choir began practicing so of course we are going to that.  It’s always wonderful to make beautiful music and a good way to get to know people, too.

This week’s pictures show a little of the charming neighborhoods we pass through going to and from work.  The side streets are inviting with trees arching over the road.  Sometimes it looks almost like a tunnel. And notice that there is a tree in this picture that knows it is autumn.  Having colder nights here than in AZ makes quite a big difference.  The chill also contributes to successful production of fruit for trees that require some cold.  The second picture shows how people plant hedge walls to provide privacy from the street.  They are very effective and sometimes very pretty.  They can also be a hazard when they block views around corners or obscure stop signs. This picture shows oleanders, but there are several other varieties used, too.

Home-grown privacy walls