Len & Kit's Missionary Adventures in California

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

God Be with You Till We Meet Again

You can compare the living room of these missionary office elders with how it looked at the beginning of our mission.  The elder standing is at the end of his mission, helping until the rain stops and he can get to Texas.
Here is our bedroom, rearranged for the office elders.

The past three weeks went quickly.  It turned out that a new apartment was needed for the transfer week of August 29-31, which we had not anticipated.  Fortunately it was in Fresno and with both Kit and her trainee applying themselves full-time, plus lots of prayers, we were able to find one which would work well within two days.  Then we had to allow seven business days for our application to be fully processed to be certain of it. The missionaries who will live in the apartment had to room with another companionship for five nights. They will move in tomorrow.(Tuesday).  

Surprisingly, all the moves we wrote about in the last blog actually helped us get ready to leave.  In order to send all our furniture to Auberry, we had to empty all the drawers, which helped us organize our belongings for packing. To have a place to sleep and to put our displaced things, it was necessary to move in and set up the missionary furnishings. Very efficient! 

There were endless lists and every day on our way to work or to home, we were stopping at a store, picking up and dropping off items at the office or storage, but in the end it all dovetailed nicely.  Rather than deferring our own move to the last, much of it just seemed to happen along the way.  We never had to lose a bunch of sleep and we drove away within nine minutes of the leaving time we planned on Saturday to drive to our Utah home via Las Vegas! 

Mixed in were lots of loving farewells between us and the many missionaries and others we came to know and love during the past year.  We even found time to partly process what the year has meant to us.  We are very grateful that we were able to go and be a tiny part of work that is meaningful, important to us, and clearly needed.  It is both humbling and personally rewarding to be engaged in the effort to help people live better and happier lives through coming to know and follow our Maker and our Savior.

So, here we sit. The dust is settling.  We have hugged some of our posterity, heard of their adventures, and caught up on their current doings.  Before Friday we will see other dear ones here, put away everything we brought back, and repack for the Montana leg of our post mission rounds.  In another six weeks we will wind up in Arizona to renew our love and friendships there, and then to set new goals and make plans for how we can reach them.

We wish you happiness and peace in your lives,
Len and Kit