Len & Kit's Missionary Adventures in California

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Unexpected Blessings

I want to tell you about another missionary who serves here.  His story is truly unique.   His family lived in Serbia and the father earned enough money for them to come to the United States for a family vacation when the boy was between ten and twelve years old.  His mother was pregnant, but still considered safe for travel.  Nevertheless, while they were in the U.S. she gave birth.  The baby was born with a serious condition that was treatable in the U.S., but not in Serbia.  The baby’s problem was repaired, but the doctors told the family that the baby needed to stay in America for seven years before returning to Serbia.  Suddenly the vacation changed to immigration.  Somehow some members of our church became involved in helping them.  Shelter and other necessities of life were provided.  The father got a job of some sort and the children went to school.  The family began to participate in the church of the people who helped them through their trial.  Over time they understood and believed the gospel and joined.  So now the Elder is one of our most gregarious missionaries and a brother has also served a mission.  The father stopped by the mission office last week to drop off packages for his son.  The family does not live in California, but somehow his work brought him this direction.  One could see that the son will look much like his father in process of time.  The dad’s expansive smile was impossible to resist.  We felt privileged to meet him.  He did not ask to see his son.  He only chuckled to himself, no doubt thinking how surprised the young man would be to receive some Serbian food and whatever other treasures were in those heavy boxes. 

We emptied two apartments this week.  The rain is back so Len identified a three-hour window Friday morning when we could load up an apartment in the Fresno area and get it unloaded into the storage before it started sprinkling.  That was really trusting the weathermen!  It worked perfectly. 

The second apartment was scheduled for Monday, but with rain predicted for the next five days, we decided to go Saturday – on our preparation day.  It was a beautiful sunny day (save for heavy fog for half an hour where we went as slow as 30mph for awhile) and we were glad to have that chore done.  The apartment was rather difficult to clean and the two Elders (young male missionaries) who agreed to help us were fantastic.  Working together made what promised to be dreary work into a fun morning.

The elders face cleaning out the refrigerator.  True heroes!