Len & Kit's Missionary Adventures in California

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Halls Are Decked

Sister Clark is a great piano player and does a wonderful job seeing that the missionaries do some rousing singing at training meetings.  She has enlisted Len to direct a group of elders singing an arrangement of “Away in a Manger” for a zone conference program just before Christmas.  Actually, two groups of elders since the program will be held twice – for half the mission at a time.  Kit will accompany Len’s groups, so Sister Clark can practice with another group at the same time.  We are both singing in a 4-part choir version of ‘Silent Night’ for the same Christmas Zone conferences. Rehearsal time is very limited.  It’s fun to have some musical involvement in the mission.

I decided to start telling you about some of the missionaries we are getting to know.  One young sister began her mission during the November transfer, or about one month ago.  Her home was only a few hours from Fresno, so several family members brought her to the mission office.  The family was from the South Seas.  Sister T was quite short and she looked very young in her not totally westernized style of dress.  She had beautiful long black hair with shining braids pulled back to hold the rest in place.  She had a warm, open look and smiled easily, revealing one silver front tooth.

She was paired with a trainer, a willowy sister who was surely a fully foot taller than her newbie.  We wondered if they would get along well.  No worries; they seem to be going gangbusters!  We had occasion to visit their apartment, which is temporarily being shared by four sisters until we can secure another place for the new companionship who now serve half the area.   It is a pretty crowded situation, and in a place where apartments are hard to find, but all four seem to be happy as clams.  When I last spoke to them, they emphasized that I didn’t need to feel in a hurry about the second apartment because they were enjoying being all together so much.  The new sister has clearly had something to do with her companionship requesting lots of materials in her native language.  She’s a champ: they have connected with people who share her background and who want to hear what these young women have to share.

Our place is decked!  A tiny tree I long ago gave my parents when they were done with bigger ones, cross-stitched ornaments from each of our children to their grand-parents, and small manger scenes from family members. Voila: Happy Holidays!

Love from Len and Kit