Len & Kit's Missionary Adventures in California

Monday, November 14, 2016

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Looks like we’ve been here awhile now.  We discovered we had become well enough acquainted with one of the missionaries that we felt some pangs when he finished his mission and left for home.  He had many plans that he was anxious to set in motion upon his return, which doubtless made his departure less painful from his perspective.  Looking forward as well as back helps.  He also noted that being a missionary is an experience filled with goodbyes – every time your companion is transferred, even more so when you are transferred and leave the people you got to know and worked with, prayed for in addition to the loss of your companion with whom you’ve shared so much.  I guess you get at least partly used to it.  We’ll see.

Tonight we made three batches of cookies to bring tomorrow when we visit missionaries north of Fresno – eleven companionships.  We only spend a few minutes at each stop, to see if there are any issues with the apartments and encourage the missionaries.  We can see that these visits make a big difference in getting to know the missionaries and improving their apartment situations in some cases. 

Later in the week we’ll start emptying the shelves of Walmart again in preparation for the next zone conference.  We want to get most of the buying done early so we have a lighter Thanksgiving week. We’ll be sharing the day with our office companions, the Bradshaws, and some missionaries to Young Single Adult wards.  Other missionaries are usually invited by ward families.

Love for now,
Len and Kit

The November roses are amazing!  I’m seeing why they have the Rose Bowl during CA winter. 

And look at that white iris blooming its heart out.  I did some “drive-by shooting” this week — just through the open window while Len drove us our usual places.  I love this rose garden in the morning light, at a corner on our way to the office.   People also plant roses on either side of a walk so passersby can enjoy the fragrance.  I have seen groups of bushes with large bold red roses that seriously remind me of the ones that were being painted red in “Alice in Wonderland”.

The trees at dusk are cypresses and Norfolk Island Pines.  I have never cared much for cypress trees, but in Fresno they are spectacular mixed among all the other varieties.  I don’t remember seeing the Norfolk Island Pines (though I must have) except as potted plants.  Here, they are huge trees.