Len & Kit's Missionary Adventures in California

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Land of Raisins and U-turns

Our p-day (preparation day) outing for this week
Working in our "day-off" clothes instead of our usual missionary attire

What an amazing thing to see the scope and range of taking the word of God to every land and isle of the sea!  What a privilege to have some small part in that!

Last week was our first week without our predecessors there to help us.  Of course they were as near as the phone and we made a few calls.  Len was pretty confident from the beginning.  My learning curve was steeper, but by mid-week I was able to stop reaching for the Tums as soon as I got to the office.  As promised, “everything works out” one way or another.  That happened over and again.  After dinner several nights we went shopping to get what was needed to supply household goods for the apartments. In eight more days we will reach a total of five new apartments rented and furnished.  By then all will also be occupied.

We continue to marvel at what mission presidents have on their plates!  Until the mission was divided a year ago last July, the Clarks were in charge of around 240 missionaries.  Now they have more like 170 and about a 3+hour drive diameter to the mission.  That’s still a tremendous responsibility, details of which we never fully understood when our children served their missions.

Fresno is not only the raisin capital of CA (and maybe the world), it is also U-turn central.  There is a special sign shown in the traffic picture, which is seen frequently here.  GPS knows about it too, and often includes making a u turn in its instructions.

Time to go to bed. 
With love from

Len and Kit